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Sagrada Madre

Sagrada Madre Artisanal Palo Santo Incense Rods 5918A-A

Sagrada Madre Artisanal Palo Santo Incense Rods 5918A-A

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Sagrada Madre Artisanal Palo Santo Incense Rods 5918A-A

Fine, thick hand-rolled incense sticks with sustainably grown Palo Santo wood from Peru.
Lighting a Palo Santo incense stick is considered a sacred and cleansing act. It increases the feeling of calm and well-being by transmitting positive and harmonious energies to all who come into contact with this smoke.

Each pack contains 8 rods with a wooden core.
Each rod is about 23 cm long and has a burning time of about one hour.
Free of artificial fragrances and animal components

Never let the incense sticks burn unattended, use a refractory base.
Always ventilate rooms sufficiently - before and after smoking.
Lighting these incense sticks is a small gift to your senses every time. Due to their rich, natural ingredients, they burn off differently than you might be used to with conventional chopsticks. Their surface is not smooth, but coarse-grained and almost quaint, which sometimes gives off a quiet, pleasant crackle of the embers.

Sagrada Madre is a family business in Argentina dedicated to providing incense and natural products that are in harmony with Mother Earth, sustainability, ecology, conscious action and fair work

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