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Country Chic

Country Chic All in One Décor Paint Bling Bling

Country Chic All in One Décor Paint Bling Bling

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Bling Bling is a bright & electric cobalt / Egyptian blue color.

Product Features: - All-in-One: Our DIY paint contains built in primer and top coat to paint almost any surface, indoor or outdoor including wood, laminate, glass, metal, and kids toys; wax & sealants are optional -

Quality You Can Trust: Respected Canadian manufacturer with over 80 years experience; amazing adhesion; great coverage requiring less paint coats; long lasting durability; little to no prep work required - Paint for Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets & More: Formulated for furniture, home decor, kitchen cabinets, upholstery, craft projects & more. Suitable for exterior and interior projects - Chalky Matte Finish: Paint dries within 30 minutes to a chalky matte finish that's easy to distress if desired, yet very durable; self leveling for a flawlessly smooth finish; blend colors with ease - Eco-Friendly & Safe: No harsh chemicals or solvents, ultra-low VOCs, low odor

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